Our vision

As an exporter and distributor of a wide variety of fruits , Summerland Exports has many years of experience in sales, marketing, shipping and distribution of high quality fresh fruit.

Based in Santiago Chile and with links going back over 30 years in the produce business , Summerland Exports works to maintain strong work ethics and long term relationships with all it's high quality growers , trusted suppliers and valued clients.

This gives Summerland Exports the control over the products they handle, and the ability to react quickly and efficiently to the ever changing markets and the customers' changing needs. 

The Summerland Export concept is based on getting the products to the consumer in the best possible way and on time.

And of course with best high quality produce at the best price possible that can withstand any comparison to the larger high volume suppliers.

We always ensure that our quality and food safety is consistent with all international standards and regulations.

Only Growers and Suppliers who are certified and grow and pack according to all the latest food safety standards are considered.

This means giving our customers the best level of service and quality, while minimizing the number of links in the supply chain from grower to consumer.

Our Bottom Line - Quality is important in our business and Summerland Exports is your reliable partner for fresh , high quality produce.


Summerland Exports Ltda  - Avda. San Francisco de Asís 150, Oficina 618 Vitacura, Santiago, Chile, 7650747 - Phone : +56 22 955 6836 - Email: [email protected]

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